How My Mother Recovered from Coronavirus Infection

It all began when my mother visited her late sister’s son and his wife in Italy, her journey to Italy began on the 10th of January 2020, she arrived Milan, Italy on the 16th and was picked up at the airport by her sister’s son.

How My Mother Recovered from Coronavirus Infection

From the day my mother arrived, she began the “omugwo” activities (Nigerians will understand better). When the coronavirus outbreak was announce, it was agreed that my mother has to return to Nigeria.

On the 12th of March 2020, my mother boarded Air Italy to London, and the following day, she took a flight from London to Lagos, Nigeria. On the 14th of March, my mother arrived our village in Umu-Eze, in Delta state of Nigeria with all joy and happiness filled the air.

But on the 15th just three days after her arrival she began to manifest some uncommon symptoms, she complained of dried throat, and she began have uneasy breathing; we did everything possible to stabilize her but all to no avail.

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It was then that my elder brother from Onitsha suggested that our mother could be suffering from coronavirus infection, at the mention of this, every one of us disperse like bees before the fire.

My mother had to relocate to a room in the boys’ quarter, every one of us in the house began to panic, and we were three other persons who live in the whole fenced compound: myself, and my two younger ones.

Two days passed and none of us showed any symptom, then we remembered that after we heard about the coronavirus outbreak, we resolved to be consuming garlic with hot water morning and evening every day, we have been doing this for about 20 days before my mother arrived.

More so, we added garlic to every meal we cooked and eat, in fact, I and our last born were chewing garlic at will.

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We quickly peeled good quantity of fresh garlic and added into our local gin (ogogoro) and gave to my mother to drink as often as possible; we added some into very hot water for her to inhale morning and evening.

We made sure she baths with only hot water, and we also made her to cover herself with very hot water mixed with herbs like: Neem leaves (dogoyaro), Lemon grass, Lime oranges and garlic.
Friends, to our greatest amazement, on the 21st of this month of March 2020 my mother were fully recovered from every symptom.

Up till today the 27th, my mother is very healthy and strong, our joy knows no bounds.

We were convinced that my contracted the virus on transit and not in my cousin’s house because up till now, my cousin and his family in Italy are healthy and no sign or symptom of even malaria.

I and my family are grateful to God almighty, to HIM alone be all the glory forever.

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