See What Happened Between a Road Safety Operative and Passenger who Advised Them To Use Sanitizer

As Nigerians becomes more aware of precautionary measures to take to avoid being crushed by the dreaded Corronavirus, an operative of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), bounced on a passenger for daring to lend his voice to the driver who asked him to use sanitizer before checking vehicle documents.

The passenger, Mr. Peter Ogar Ikibunim, was on his way from Ogoja, Cross River State when the incident occurred.

Narrating his ordeal in the hand of the road safety officer, Ikibunim said: "On my way back to Ogoja from calabar. We got to Akpet central where there is a failed culvert, we were flagged down by the federal Road safety. We stopped and they demanded for the vehicle particulars.

"Conscious of the Covid-19 safety measures, The driver demanded that they sanitize their hands before he gives them the documents, they didn't have.

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"Seating at the front seat, i suggested that they just sight the the documents, while i was still trying to educate the officer on the dangers of not having sanitizers while collecting and returning people's documents even though they have their hand gloves on, this huge officer appeared and demanded that we step down from the vehicle.

"We were still trying to make them understand the dangers of their actions, and what we all need to be careful, the man practically pulled me out of the car, I asked him not to manhandle me, he was all over my face shouting and calling me that I am a drunk, a cocaine addict and all other unprintable names.

"The driver was still trying to educate the officer that flagged us down and why sighting the documents was enough, the huge officer swing into the car took off the car keys, brought out a little knife which he used to remove the car plate numbers.

"He was shouting and telling us we are virus infested. I approached the leader of the team (light complexioned officer among them who paid no attention to the insult the huge officer was raining on us and he told me to get out".

In a swift reaction, the officer asked: "Is the virus killing more people than you useless Cross Riverians are killing yourselves? Do you think we are all from cross river state", the road safety officer hinted.

Ikibunim continued: "I told him he was very unprofessional to make such a statement. From behind, this huge officer, dragged me, slapped me severally and threatened to pull my eyes out with the small knife he was carrying.

"I restrained myself and with the intervention of people they had flag down he left me", he narrated.

"They insisted and forcefully took the particulars from the driver after dragging him from the vehicle and threatening to beat him up, they noticed all the documents and everything required for a safe vehicle where intact and decided to let us go.

He issued a 48 hours ultimatum to the officers and the Cross River State command to tender unreserved apologies for the inhuman treatment melted out on him.

Hear him: "I am giving the officers on this patrol, the cross river state command and the federal road safety 48hours to tender an apology for this humiliation threat to my life and physical abuse on my person.

"With all that is going on in the country and the world over, and the safety measures preached everyday, should any harm come to me as a result of the unsafe exposer of this ill trained officer, the federal road safety should be held responsible", he added.

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