The Revelation Pastor Gloria Bamiloye Received From The Lord

I saw a brilliantly huge train, long to the broaden that I was unable to see its end, it conveyed various types of travelers of the two people, youthful and old of various dialects and races.

On the train was a tittle - *THE SAINT ON THEIR JOURNEY TO HEAVEN.*

Out of nowhere, I saw individuals leaping out of the train because of deferral in their every day nourishment and it found a workable pace when I especially needed to get out however an elderly person behind me encouraged me to practice more persistence, he included that those that were leaving the train had been *Spiritually injured* however truly they may look sound yet their profound lives had been imperiled, that was the reason they couldn't proceed with us again in the excursion.

Hesitantly, as I needed to have my sit. I saw another man holding a trumpet making an endeavor to blow it. Promptly I saw this I immediately ran towards the elderly person so as to embrace him in energy about the guidance he gave me. In any case, to my large amazement, rather than the man having a sprightly glance at me, he was crying bountifully and sharply. I at that point asked him the purpose for his crying.

He disclosed to me that he was distraught because of the way that billions of holy people had left the train because of difficulties of life and circumstance a large number of them got themselves.

"Be that as it may, sir, this is deserving of festivity since we have made it as of now". I said unto the man. *"Of what advantage is it on the off chance that we make it however miss our kids, spouses, relatives, family members, companions ministers, church individuals, pioneers and others that are near us in one manner or the others?*

The elderly person inquired. He included that a portion of those that won numerous spirits into the train are no longer in the train, a portion of those that helped us in the train are presently discovered wanton in the excursion. "What would we be able to do now?"I inquired.

Well *"Let's attempt all our conceivable best to begin yelling their names, getting back to them to return for the trumpet is going to sound"* he replied.

Quickly, we began calling them with a stronger voice, *'Pastor, G.O, Reverend, brethren, etc*. Shockingly, I saw a significant number of them returning towards the train however they have been in one manner or the others harmed to the expand that some of them were slithering like children since they have been *seriously injured.

The elderly person presumed that each Christian should utilize the endowments and assets available to them to get back to individuals into the realm before the trumpet is at long last blown.

If it's not too much trouble join the group of the *end-time evangelists* by imparting the message to your companions, family and different contacts on your telephone, Thanks.

The GRACE TIME is quick running out, accomplish something *NOW* before its past the point of no return. God favor you. *Jesus cherishes you* and as yet depending on you.

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