The Secret of Super Cop, DCP Abba Kyari Success Revealed

For every recorded success, lies a well thought out strategy. For several years many Nigerians have celebrated the many wins of super cop, now Deputy Commissioner of Police - DCP Abba Kyari without knowing how he has managed to keep trail blazing.

Famous for capturing suspected notorious kidnap kingpin, Evans and his entire crew; Read through as Desmond Ike-Chima brings you the secret weapon of the 'star' police officer whom they call The Crime Buster…

Supol Abba Kyari who on several occasions has been mistaken for President Buhari’s Chief of Staff also known as Abba Kyari has mastered the art of effective crime combating and policing so much so that he is successful in virtually all his operations. There has never been a recorded operation that he lost for several years.

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Top on the list of DCP Kyari’s secret weapons in crime fighting is that he continuously updates himself. He has independently sponsored himself through several detective and policing courses abroad and often graduates with flying colours. Only a few high ranking Police officers in Nigeria invest heavily in educating themselves like Abba Kyari (that’s if there is any).

He understands that to effectively combat crime, you have to stay ahead of the criminals; learn from experienced and successful crime fighters from different parts of the world telling their success strategies. These among others are Kyari’s secret charm and why he seems ‘unputdownable’.

Furthermore, it is important to note in this report that Abba Akyari believes in human capital development. According to its definition, human capital development is the process of improving an organization's employee performance, capabilities and resources through learning. Human capital development is pertinent to the growth and productivity of an organization because the people that make the organization run are an asset to be invested in.

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This must have propelled officer Abba Kyari to invest so much of his personal money in all the young officers under his command. Not only does he sponsor them on courses abroad, he makes sure they live comfortably and earn well in other to remain focused in carrying out their duties effectively.

According to findings of this reporter, Kyari carefully handpicks his squad made up of young energetic and promising police officers with ambition and drive for the job. None of Kyari’s officers live less than comfortably; they also cruise some good cars too.

Being a Y2K compliant cop, Abba Kyari’s squad is the most tech-equipped Police unit in Nigeria with topnotch and up to date crime combating technology that helps the unit in tracking and fishing out criminals in all parts of the country.

To many who have come in contact with the refined police officer they describe him as kind to a fault. Others say he stays true to friendship. His flexibility is also his secret charm.

DCP Abba Kyari earned his reputation as a super cop in Lagos. For five years, he fought armed robbers, kidnappers and other violent criminals to a standstill during his days as OC SARS in Lagos (2010-2015). Today he is recording tremendous successes across the Nation as the Deputy Commissioner of Police In-charge of IGP Intelligence Response Team (IRT).

Born in March 17, 1975 Abba Kyari is from Yobe State. He is a husband of one wife and four children who all reside here in Nigeria by his choice.

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