Here is the True Reasons US and Israel are hurriedly evacuating their citizens from Nigeria

At the height of the global pandemic of coronavirus, some Western countries are evacuating their citizens who are resident in Nigeria,with all manner of urgency.

The countries at the Frontline of this action are the United States of America and Israel.

The US secretary of state,Mike Pompeo,on his official Twitter account has been on with updates on the number of US citizens who are being repatriated to the US from all over the world, as a way of combating the COVID'19 issue.

Speculations have it that these countries are wary of the condition of the Nigerian health sector, availability of necessary machines and equipment and of course it's response so far towards the raging reality of the global health challenge.

Just last week,all US citizens resident in Nigeria were directed by the US department of State, to report on notification, to the Murtala Mohammed int'l airport, Lagos or the Nnamdi Azikiwe int'l airport,Abuja for departure.

As at Wednesday, April 1st,2020, the US department of State has returned not less than 3000 of their citizens from different countries of the world.

Israel, in the same vein has also evacuated a good number of their citizens who are resident in Nigeria, still on the issue of COVID'19.

However,it is note worthy that even as the United States is currently returning their citizens from different parts of the world, it has the highest number of cases of the coronavirus disease worldwide.

It has therefore become imperative to understand why the US particularly resolved to bring back most of it's citizens even at a time when the virus is seemingly very difficult for them to control.

Recall that some American diplomats have predicted that America would record over 200,000 cases of coronavirus , if more critical and emergency steps were not taken.

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