What Believers Must Know About The End Time Agenda of Satan

It is not Coronavirus that killed them in China but 5G. The 5G radar was installed in Wuhan for a test-run and the radiation and chemo from the mask affected human organ and killed them, in order to hid their agenda, they created Coronavirus pandemic to affect the world in order to shifted people's mind from the real issues to Coronavirus.

The artificial sun ⛅ which China is building is a lie. Is not a sun ⛅ but 5G mask which will controlling the database of the whole world Population.

Wuhan is not the only State in China but Wuhan is a test-run for them.

Without 5G.... You won't be able to operate your gadgets and for you to operate your gadgets and phones, you need to obtain biochip.

You think Satan is stupid? Satan purposely allowed all the Pastors of this world to acquired the world and dangerously rich so that when he introduced 5G network with biochip to them, they won't be able to resist it anymore.

Jesus Christ said, it is very very easy for a  camel 🐫 to pass through the eye of a niddle than for the Rich to enter the KINGDOM OF GOD but sadly....... Our Men of God are boasting of earthly riches, forgotten the warning of Master Jesus.

8yrs ago, I said, the gospel the churches of Men are Preaching today will never prepared a souls for the coming of Christ and triibulations ahead.

What is 5G..?
5G means all the phones and gadgets we are using now are a mere introduction and a test-run before the real Phones, Gadgets and instruments that would be introduced to us and it will work effectively with our blood and connected to 5G radiation and this new Gadgets can only work if you received the biochip.

All your gadgets will not respond to your touch anymore except you obtained the Mark of the Beast.

All our daily activities including money will be programmed to internet and without biochip, even ATM machine will not respond to your touch.

This 5G radiation will firstly kill 20% of the world population and reduce the population of the earth for the easy control of Anti Christ.

Without the mark of the Beast, "No doors of banks, firms, industries and CHURCHES will be open for you.

Without the mark of the Beast, "You wont be able to operate your phones and gadgets anymore.

•    All the Prophesy of Matthew 24  has been fulfilled.
•    Nation has already stood against nation.
•    Diseases has killed millions of people.
•    There were Earthquake in many country.
•    War has took place in many countries.
•    Kingdom has stood against many Kingdom.
•    People have betrayed themselves.
•    People including Politicians and Religious Leaders are lovers of money and themselves.
•    Hunger and famines has already been fulfilled.
•    Fake Prophets everywhere, fulfilled.
•    Love of many was cold, already fulfilled.

The only thing delaying rapture is the Gospel of the Kingdom, the moment the last person hear about this gosepl of the Kingdom, the end will come.

Jesus Christ did not told anyone the hour the Rapture would take place, but Christ has given all the signs for the end.

5G is the final stages for the coming of anti Christ.

This is not the Hours to think about making money but the hours to start preparing your self for the coming of Christ.

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