You Can't Defeat Your Enemy Easily Without Knowing The Secrets Of His Strength Hence Chad Acted Now

A case of 'the enemy was my friend'. Nigerians need to read and understand the real situation rather than praising an enemy who only did the needful when it became expedient.

Chad's Idris Deby should've acted long before several of his troops were killed by Boko Haram. Most Nigerians praises Idriss and disparage our gallant military men and women. Idriss has been the main saboteur of JMTC because he kept extorting money from Nigeria and yet does nothing. Idris was behind the $20m scam on GEJ administration to free Chibok girls who were being kept in Boko haram camps in Chad.

France uses Chad and Idris to get back at Nigeria by allowing Boko haram to use Chad territory to plan and launch attacks against Nigeria. This is the reason why no matter the amount of money Nigeria puts into JMTF, it ends up not achieving the desired result.

The battle against jihadi terrorism in Africa takes one of its deadliest turns yet, with consequences far beyond the region. As the world’s attention turns almost completely to the coronavirus pandemic, the battle against jihadi terrorism in Africa’s vast Sahel region has taken one of its deadliest turns yet. Boko Haram Terrorists Strike a Key Western Ally On March 23, the table turned after Boko Haram fighters ambushed a military encampment of Chadian soldiers on the Boma Peninsula, in the Lake Chad region.

Over seven hours, the militants whose group’s name roughly means “non-Islamic education is a sin” killed at least 92 heavily armed troops with machine guns and bombs and injured dozens of others. Idriss came under pressure from his people to act and revenge the death of their soldiers.

In defiance of his French masters, Idriss ordered his troops to do the needful. Something Nigeria has asked him to do for ages. The big question remains, did Idriss Deby not know about Boko haram command and operational centers in Chad, operating for year? He knew but prior to now, he was reluctant to fight them because they served his purpose and that of France until now.

In 2006 and 2008, when rebels based in Sudan advanced to the capital, France helped the Chadian Army repel the attacks with logistics and intelligence support. “Both the French and the Chadian governments were portraying this as a decision that they undertook together,” said Alex Thurston, an assistant professor in political science and comparative religion at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio. “It’s possible highly possible that without French support that he would’ve been overthrown at the time,” Thurston said. “I think the French government sees a strong interest in keeping him in power.”

Déby makes regular visits to the Élysée Palace in Paris, where French President Emmanuel Macron embraces him like an old friend. Both France and the United States have helped prop up his regime.

France bases its 5,100-strong Sahelian counterinsurgency mission, Operation Barkhane, out of the capital of Chad, N’Djamena. Washington has trained hundreds of Chadian soldiers and poured tens of millions of dollars into the country in aid, military equipment, and funding. It has also used the country as a base for air and special forces operations.

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