Armed robbers, bandits take over some section of Ughelli – Asaba road in Delta state of Nigeria

The Delta road linking Ughelli-Asaba its capital has being taken over by armed men, leaving the road users most time robbed at gunpoint.
However, Hafiz Muhammed Inuwah- the state Police commissioner   confirmed the arrest of some Suspected armed men within the areas, but the situation at present, had worsened by the influx of the armed bandits who at gunpoint subject their victims to an untold punishment before they are dispossessed of their belongings.

The road users  including during nightfall are attacked by the armed bandits who often allegedly disguise as vigilante group members with dangerous weapons including an AK47S to rob them of their belongings.

Report states that Ubulu Uku vigilante group have had an encounter with these bandits who allegedly opened fire on them, leaving two of them injured.

Speaking to the correspondent at Asaba, Chief Adoh James  Leader of Ubulu Uku vigilante group confirmed the incident, adding” when we got to the scene of where the robbers were operating, we met a bus driver bleeding from the head, and we were about rushing him to the hospital when the armed bandits came back to the scene and opened fire on us, and two of our members were injured and we fired back at them and they ran way.”

Sources said Ogwashi Uku-Asaba – Ughelli road had been under siege of robbers over the years as hundreds of its road user have been robbed at gunpoint while over ten persons were allegedly killed for what they described as” disobedience” during their operations.

Furthermore, the Ubulu Uku vigilante group leader said besides two incidences of robberies, we have succeeded in recovering two vehicles that were snatched from owners at gunpoint.

However, efforts are being put in place to apprehend these robbers, from the information we have from some the victims, the armed bandits are Suspected Fulani herdsmen, and we monitoring them with a view to bringing them to arrest”.

The State Police Commissioner, Hafiz Muhammed Inuwah who confirmed the activities of these armed bandits spoke to our Correspondent said” Ogwashi Uku- Asaba- Ughelli road is now a flash point but we doing our best to ensure they are rounded up, we implore residents of the areas to always provide the police with useful information that will help the police to succeed the more, we have arrested a number of robbery Suspects on the road and have been arraigned in court."
Motorists who spoke to our Correspondent, one of them, said our experience on the road at present is terrible, especially at night when these armed bandits who  disguise as vigilante group members armed with sophisticated AK47s  pounce on us as drivers, they will collect money from us, beat us and put us on punishment, we are appealing to the state government to come to our aid and the Police should always do their best to protect us”
Meanwhile, residents of Ishekpe road axis in Ogwashi Uku metropolis have called on the state government to reconstruct the one kilometre road through director labour, adding that the deplorable state of the had over times inhibited transportation of the people of the area.

While the people in the area are lamenting the current state of the road saying is also a major road for the farmers within but due to the bad state of the road, these farmers are finding it almost impossible to transport their products.

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