Bill Gates goal in coronavirus was never population control or Mark of the Beast - This is his grand plan

 Given the presence of the Corona Virus which has caused the whole world to observe general lockdown, restricting movement, the whole world has been in sadness.

Well,while the lockdown is observed, humans will always perform a role innate them which is the art of blaming external factors for mishaps rather than obey the lockdown in quiet understanding of the situation of things. China have had and still having the major share in the blame as even President Trump joined the masses to baptize the deadly virus as the ' Chinese virus'.

The Chinese government while committing to convince the world that the virus was not intentionally created by them, have had the baton passed on to the American Billionaire, Bill Gates. Bill Gates stepped into the scene announcing his bid to vaccinate the world and end the virus. This threw the world into an uproar as many claimed it was the biblical Mark of the beast, subsequently a sign of the end time.

What more can be said about Bill Gates who bought the Chinese case and gave them a lesser hate speech from other countries of the world.

The matter got interesting at the climax when a conspiracy theory about the 5G network discovered by Huawei technology company, owned by a Chinese business man was hitting it big on both social and mass media. Once again,Bill saved China the moment, claiming that the vaccination was to help control population by increasing the mortality of the old people .

This was his back up claim after things turned sour and a counter claim, discovered that the vaccines where contaminated by the virus Bill claims he wants to cure or prevent the disease. The Mark of the Beast fear rose higher when a claim said Bill proposed micro-chipping people, which by extension will erase the privacy a human will have as the micro-chip will monitor humans life permanently.

Something is really fishy, something is being hidden from the Public. What is hidden lies in economics. In essence, Bill Gates has only been working towards monetizing the Corona Virus with a massive economic plan below;

Every profit or gain come in only two methods; from the problem solved for people and by the problem created for people and solved, then monetized in accordance with the utilities of the greatest possible numbers. Expenditure comes from every problem that is paid for to be solved by another either by lacking the ability to solve it or by having no time to solve them even when the ability is there, but necessity demands them. All savings come from solving problems by oneself.

Competition in the market shares not only profit amongst competitors, it also reduces the unit price of the unique products in competitive demand. Monopoly is not just the path to earning abnormal profit, it's the surest path to excessive extreme wealth. Monopoly is the key to being the overly alarming richest man on Earth and possibly in the history of human kind.

Now, with this economic thought, you can understand the economic grand plan of Bill Gates. He has probably calculated the world population multiplied by the price per unit of his vaccine and seen the abnormal gain he will get when he monopolizes the cure for corona. Now note; Bill as a business thinker has only tapped into the presence of an already existing Corona Virus which had not spread over the world and could take a long time to do so.

Vaccination is a means to ensure a wider and speedy spread of the virus over the world. With this move in mind, it is already hinting that the virus was created and it is not a natural but a biologically experimented virus.

The grand plan is after the cases, deaths and recoveries reach two third of the world population, Bill and his team in disguise that they finally found the cure, bring out the antidote which has been hidden even from the beginning of the virus spread. I would not claim Bill Gates planned this with the Chinese government. However, this my view from the economic perspective of the case.

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