Breaking: India Legalize the Marriage between Human and Animals

The practice of Human-animal marriage in India is a marriage between an animal and a human which seems to be legal.

Marriage between humans and animals isn’t acknowledged in law by any country at present, though historically individuals have married animals as part of spiritual traditions or to bring good luck, often involving elaborate ceremonies to honor it.

Allowing this marriage as a tradition, or within a culture, will often be symbolic or ritual, instead of the more normal popularity of a marriage. There have been various reports from around the world of humans marrying their pets/ animals.

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The practice of animal-human marriage has made appearances in several mythological stories, folklore and is often understood to mean a deity-human marriage involving gods, done to ward off bad spirits.

In New Delhi, a man explained the process as a child, he stoned and hanged two dogs, and he was convinced the illnesses he had later in life were punishments for his cruelty. After visiting a local astrologer about it, he was told he had only one way to remove his curse which is to marry a dog.

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The man’s family approved, helped him pick out the best dog to be his bride. Then they threw a lavish wedding ceremony, complete with a feast, to celebrate the eternal union.

This Custom is intended to safeguard a child from demons. For instance, the Santhal tribe believes a child is in danger if their very first tooth appears on the upper gum. A canine marriage is said to be the only way of warding off evil.

Although the child can remarry a human when he/she come of age.

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