BREAKING: Police officer who killed George Floyd to get $1.5 million

Despite his public and documented crime, American and British media have revealed a surprise that Derek Chauven, the Minneapolis police officer accused of killing African-American George Floyd, will receive.

A report by CNN, as well as the American Newsweek magazine and the British Daily Star newspaper, revealed that the former police officer Chauvin, the first suspect in the murder of Floyd on May 25, will receive more than $ 1.5 million in compensation and financial benefits for his retirement, amounting to one million dollars Even if convicted of killing Floyd.

Derek Chauvin, the authorities in Minneapolis, was arrested days after broadcasting video clips of him filming his knee above George Floyd's neck for up to 9 minutes without responding to his pleas and screaming because he was unable to breathe before he breathed shortly after in the hospital.

Prosecutors indicted Chuvin on charges of second-degree murder (premeditated murder), as stated in the indictment in which he also stated that what Chuvin had done was a "major causal factor" in Floyd's killing, and Chauvin was also dismissed from the police department where he worked since 2001 .

However, Chauvin, 44, can still get pension funds, because, unlike some other states, Minnesota does not allow the confiscation of pensions for employees convicted of criminal offenses related to their work, according to (CNN).

For its part, a Minnesota public employees' association confirmed that Chauvin, who had worked in the administration since 2001, would still be eligible to provide his partially funded pension from the taxpayer at the age of 50, without specifying the amount he would receive.

Employees whose service is voluntary terminated, or for some reason, are entitled to receive future benefits unless they choose to recover all contributions made during their work, according to the association.

Chauvin is likely to receive annual benefits of about $ 50,000 a year if he chooses to start receiving it at the age of 55, according to a CNN analysis that took into account the term of the ex-policeman, payroll data for 2019, contract details, pension plan guidance, and payroll schedules.

The total amount can reach $ 1.5 million over 30 years, and could be higher if he received large sums of overtime in previous years.

The other officers present at the time of Floyd's arrest were also charged, but according to official documents, two of them did not work long enough to earn pension benefits, but the fourth officer involved in the accident appeared to be eligible for pensions.

In connection with the incident, US President Donald Trump said today that the technique of pressing the neck to restrict the movement of some suspects should "generally" end its use.

Trump added that preventing strangulation to restrict movement "would be very good", but would still be necessary in some situations.

Trump's comments came as Republicans and Democrats in Congress sought to finalize the details of a police reform bill.

Some police forces in the United States have prohibited this method of restricting the movement of suspects since the outbreak of protests and the departure of tens of thousands in the capital and American cities in marches against racism following the killing of George Floyd.

Many anti-racism and police marches have also taken place in various parts of the world.

In Australia, huge protest marches took place in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and protest demonstrations took place in France, Germany, Spain and Britain.

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