BREAKING: Tanzania president says Coronavirus is Over, No need for Nose Masks and Social Distancing.

The president of Tanzania has normalized things around her country with includes re-openings of businesses and social gatherings approved by the Government. President Pombe Magufuli has continued to insist that COVID-19 has been exaggerated with numbers being raised because countries need donations especially African countries.
Worlds Health Organization warning to the presisent of  Tanzania fell to deaf ears as the Government refused to adjust and follow the intentional standard of COVID-19.

The Tanzania Government has stopped giving direct information of how many infected cases and deaths have been tested so far.

President Magufuli has also allowed resumption of schools. On his latest Press Conference President Magufuli said that COVID-19 is over, he further said that wearing of masks is not necessary anymore.
Hope of seeing great impact in Tanzania regarding the attitude posted by the Government and the citizens in the fight against COVID-19.

The pandemic has seen WHO come out to issue a statement that Covid-19 is set to stay longer in the world; head of states should get a way of adjusting with the unprecedented times.

Tanzania are no longer worried about the global pandemic and her President is leading in making citizens forsake the fact that covid-19  has attacked the world.

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