Check out photos of the humble beginning of Barack Obama back in Kenya

These photos of the very humble beginning of former American president Barack Obama, will teach you that there is greatness in every life.

It does not matter the condition of your birth or background.

Catch a vision of your greatness, understand it, and work towards it.

Even the Bible said... Write the vision, though it delays, it will come to pass.

But, there must be a vision to pursue.

Barrack Obama does not need any form of introduction to Nigerians, even Africans, Americans and the world as a whole.

The former President of America is a really great man still considered among the most powerful people in the world.

Obama is a man by all standard and His humble start is one that should motivate you, he definitely paid his dues, he didn't just become the most powerful African man, it was due to hardwork, dedication, commitment and intelligence.

Below are throwback photos of the former American President:

A picture of Barrack Obama helping is Grandma carry her stuffs in Kenya.

Lovely photos of Obama and His wife Michelle when they were much younger.

Things were not ideally smooth for Barrack Obama considering the fact that he came from a humble Kenyan home to ascend to the peak of Governance.

No matter what people might say about him now, the fact is his story is a great source of inspiration, do not give up on your struggles your turn is coming.

More photos below

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