Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, Man Divorce Wife, Marries Side Chick

Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected the economic but also social life. Divorce cases have been on the rise since the curfew.

Most couples are faced with hard times adjusting to be together all the times, this is because covid-19 pandemic has made them spend much more times indoor together as never before.

The lockdown which was imposed in the state by the president Uhuru Kenyattan lead to complaint and divorce in most homes, domestic violence cases on the rise. Men want their conjugal rights every time and women are tired and not used to this.

A report by a police states; a resident of paliganj block in Patna district of India, Dheeraj Kumar is married to Gudia Devi and together have a child.

His wife visited her parents some 60km in south of Patna but was held back on the day of her return by the pandemic lockdown. Which led to the immediate suspension of all transport services.

The husband; kumar called his wife about her return but she was helpless due to lack of transport services. Kumar hurriedly married his girlfriend who lived in the neighbourhood.

Kumar's wife finds out the new trend about her husband went to register a case against her husband at the police station which led to the arrest of kumar at Dulhin Bazar police station.

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