Here are the new laws binding Minneapolis Police henceforth

Following The Killing Of George Floyd, A New Rules Has Been Made For Minneapolis Police.

Following the death of a black American George Floyd who was murdered by Derek Chauvin who knelt on his neck.

A judge in Minneapolis had command the Police department to avoid the use of holding of necks or choking while dealing with suspects.

In collaboration with the State department of human rights, the plan was initially approved last week by Minneapolis Mayor and the city council.

According to Judge Karen Jenisch’s, if any officer sees an unsuitable use or force by their colleagues they must inform their senior Officers in respective to rank.

They are also allowed to intervene physically if they notice such from their colleagues if not, they “shall be subject to discipline to the same severity as if they themselves engaged in the prohibited use of force”.

These Are The New Guidelines For Minneapolis Police

1.Regardless of how high your rank is, if any officer sees any unapproved use of force, including holding of neck and choking it must be reported.

2.Only the police chief or chiefs designer at rank of deputy chief are allowed to use crowd control weapons such as: chemical agents, flash bangs, batons, rubber bullets and marking rounds during protest.

3.Any police officer, regardless of tenure or rank, must intervene verbally or physically if they observe any use of force by their colleagues.,

“Today’s court order will create immediate change for communities of color and Indigenous communities who have suffered generational pain and trauma as a result of systemic and institutional racism and long-standing problems in policing”.said Department of Human Rights Commissioner Rebecca Lucero.

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