How Baby was dumped by woman, feasted by dogs

Barbra Munenge 20, of Hwange in Zimbabwe has being arrested for dumping her child for dogs to devour after giving birth unassisted.

According to section 106(1) of the criminal law the act of the lady is offensive. One of the family members, Nyoni Peace 36, said Barbra had an unwanted pregnancy which she failed to disclosed to her family.

She concealed the pregnancy until May 27 when she delivered. Nyoni was at home at number A28 in Lwendulu when Barbra gave birth to a live baby alone during the night.

Still speaking, Nyoni reported to the police when she notices no baby in sight after delivering. An arrest was made where Barbra made a confession that "she wrapped the baby in a cloth, placed it in satchel before dumping it near a sewer stream passing by the suburb."

Getting to the scene, the police found the body being eaten by dogs leaving the head. The remains were taken. Investigations were still in process after confirmation.

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