How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Fraudsters

How to Protect Your Facebook Account from Fraudsters

Technology came to make life easy for mankind, but, from all indications, it has also increased fraudulent activities in so many ways.

There are so many fraudulent activities going on these days, no thanks to technology, innocent persons having their long-term hard-earned money taking away from them within minutes.

These fraudsters make use of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram accounts of targeted victims to access their phone numbers, which in turn help them get access to their victim’s bank details.

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So today, I will be sharing with you how to protect your facebook, whatsapp and eventually your bank accounts from fraudsters.

1. Protecting Your Facebook
To protect your Facebook account, you need to activate the wo-factor verification.

Two-factor verification is a security measure that requires an extra code when you log in. When enabled, Facebook will require a code from your mobile phone during login.

This code is created by the Code Generator tool in the Facebook app. You can also have it sent to your phone via SMS. This tool is designed to help protect your account from unauthorized logins.

a.    Log into Facebook on your computer. The quickest way to enable this extra security is by logging into your Facebook account on a computer.

b.    Open the Settings menu. Click the ▼ in the bar at the top of the page and select "Settings".

c.    Select the Security option in the left menu. This will open the Security Settings page.

d.    Click the Edit button next to the "Use two-factor authentication" option. This will open the two-factor authentication Window.

e.    Click on the Get Started button. This will begin the setup process for two-factor Authentication.

•    Chose a verification method. You can chose between a reviving a code via a text message or an authentication app.

•    Text messages are easier to use than authentication apps, but they are less secure.
•    Authentication apps are more secure, but they are harder to use than text messages.
•    If you use an authenticator app, you can get codes from it even if you don't have a cell signal, but if you use text messages, then you need to have cell service in order to receive the code.
•    No matter which option you chose, both are more secure than having a password alone.

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