I was paid N1.5ml to killed Uwaila Omozuwa in the church

Things happening in Nigeria nowadays are so heart wrenching as no one could be trusted.

We have heard the story of a boyfriend who organized his gang to killed his girlfriend for ritual purpose.

I was paid N1.5ml to killed Uwa in the church

Earlier this year a certain young man was set ablaze at Ibadan for killing his bosom friend for ritual purpose.

In a certain church in Akure called sotitobire, a little boy was killed for ritual purposes right in the church.

Nigeria is fasting turning into something else and everyone is now scared to trust somebody.

So was the story of a young Nigeria lady named Uwaila Omozuwa, she was a student of microbiology at the University of Benin, about four days ago, Uwaila was murdered in a church while she was reading.

Her death has caused great confusion in Benin-city, but due to the help of the Nigerian assiduous policemen who swung into action, the culprit was apprehended about a day ago.

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What now jarred our sensibility about this case was that the culprit has confessed the person that sent him to kill the deceased, and we were amazed to know that it was the pastor of the church who sent him to do the evil act.

According to Peter Kalusky who happened to be a member of the DSS that arrested the culprit, the culprit has confessed without hiding anything for them

 Peter Kalusky, revealed that the suspect named Chibuzor, has fingered the pastor, in connection with the crime.

Here's the account of what Peter Kalusky tweeted;

“He Said the Pastor Paid him to Do it. We Suspect the Pastor wanted to make his Church Famous. We suspect the Pastor wanted his Church to Trend. The Pastor set young Girl up. Police are going to pick the Pastor up, Federal Government will take over the Church building soon.

“Miss Uwa, may she Rest In Peace, we believe she was clearly set up to go and read in the church.

 Chibuozor said he was offered N1 Million last two weeks, but then the money was later increased to N1.5m"

Now that the secret has been revealed who are we to trust again?

So many pastors are not to trust again, as all sorts of evil are found in the hands of so many of them.

Most prison in Nigeria now are full of criminals in which Muslims marabouts and pastors are almost half of the inmates because they are have been involved in one crime or the other.

Who do we trust in Nigerians these days, police, soldiers, or pastors?

It is clear now that every Nigerian must be hyper sensitive in dealing with one another.

Many marriages have been scattered because of the evil influences of evil pastors out there.

I know God will answer our prayers and make Nigeria great again, but then all these evil men should not go scot-free, Nigeria Government should also stop to jail them, whoever kills should be killed in return.

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