Is Chris Oyakhilome a Pastor Or Conspiracy Theorist?

For certain months now, it has been demonstrated that Chris Oyakhilome of Chris Embassy is the most one-sided minister in Nigeria. In his most recent lesson, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome asserted that the Black Lives Matter fights in the US that have flooded in the wake of George Floyd's passing have nothing to do with prejudice or the demise of George Floyd.

Futhermore, he made cases that; there are men who don't comprehend what's going on in the United States with the uproars. Saying It's not about the dead man, dark people, or about 'People of color Matter'. I will mention to you what it is about.

"Presently from fights to uproars and afterward more individuals have passed on from that point forward and the call for disbanding, crossing out, defunding of the police, why would that be? You think it is restricted to the United States, no it's definitely not.

For what reason would they say they are doing it? It is a piece of the game and I mention to you what it will be, it's straightforward in light of the fact that they need to order the elective strategy for security.

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As yet talking, he clarified what that elective technique for security is. He depicted it as the absolute control of the RFID microchip. So you are going to discover urban communities disposing of their police and afterward exploring different avenues regarding one little city after another. The city says no police.

He included that Everyone must get the microchip and with that you are going to know everyone, wrongdoing will be controlled and they have the media to help publicity it. Dispose of the police and everybody gets microchipped.

Considering all Chris Oyakhilome has stated, would he say he is actually a minister or an intrigue scholar? From whence did he get his cases about a RFID microchip?

a few times, he has a great intrigue about another world request. Talking about how 5G innovation causes Coronavirus.

Oyakhilome will get hazardous seeing the consequences of his enemy of logical closed minded cases on the off chance that he isn't advised.

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