Kenneth Imansuagbon opens up on why he stepped down for Obaseki

After resisting the idea to step down for Obaseki for some days, the governorship aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Kenneth Imansuagbon eventually stepped down to pave way for Governor Godwin Obaseki as the sole candidate of the party.

Kenneth Imansuagbon in an interview with newsmen shortly aftee he stepped down revealed that he decided to step down for Obaseki not for anything but  because of his desire to build a strong and united Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Edo state.

He went further to pledg to lead the campaign for the re-election of Obaseki.

He stated that  it was a painful decision for him and his supporters across the state and beyond, however,  he has decided not  to be “a spanner in the clog of the party.”

According to Kenneth, “It is a defining moment for PDP and the Country.

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I must admit that it is painful thing for me to submit my 16 years of trying to be governor.

“However, I choose to take it because of the unity of the party, and because of the Nigerian nation as a country.

The country and PDP as a party is far above me, the pressure was much, but i cannot be a spanner in the wheel of the progress of the party.

“I want you to understand that the struggle is not about me anymore but about Nigeria as a nation, and Edo as a state, and I can see that Godwin Obaseki himself is doing very well.

Therefore,  I Mr. Kenneth Imasuagbon have decided to step down for Obaseki and support him.

“On his part, Obaseki has assured me that all my dream for the state will be given attention, and that he will tackle the issue of hunger and identify with the weak, address the challenges of our roads, built more schools and make the people happier than they have ever been.

“Obaseki is a great gentleman, there can only be one captain in a ship at a time.

 I have always known him from afar and human standard of living demands that a man who has done well be given another opportunity.

Though Obaseki was distracted by APC and Oshiomhole, yet he needs to be supported to do better.

According to Imasuagbon, it was good that the governor took the decision to leave APC when he did.

While noting that his political future is with God, he assured that PDP would emerge victorious in the September 19 poll. 

“I am very optimistic PDP will defeat APC with a landslide and I will lead the attack,” he said.

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