Meet the young lady who filmed the arrest, murder of George Floyd

I want to introduce to you a very unique brave young lady. She is the person that filmed the arrest, handcuffing and how Derek Chaovin pinned George Floyd down until George died.

 The name of the girl who recorded the George Floyd video that sparked global protests and call for justice is Darnella Frazier and she is 17-year-old.

According to Dailymail, Darnella Fraizer was taking her 9-year-old cousin to buy a snack at a store in Minneapolis on the memorable day, when she saw four Minneapolis police officers pulling down a black man ( George Floyd ).

On the fateful day the 17-year-old Darnella Frazier had no idea that she would be chanced to record one of the most important police brutality and murder in the history of United states.

If not for Darnella Frazier's courage, the police officers involved in the death of George Floyd might still be on the street and probably terrorizing people.

Darnella Frazier who never knew the video would sprang up global protests have made it clear through her lawyer that she was not trying to be hero because since the day of the incident, she have been receiving trolls and shades on social media by some set of people.

The lawyer also made it clear that so far, Darnella Frazier have not received any threat from anyone except trolls and shades on social media.

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