Men who Kidnapped me are Fulani and Claimed to be Muslims but i Never saw them Pray

Men who Kidnapped me are Fulani and Claimed to be Muslims but i Never saw them Pray

The Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Nasarawa State who was kidnapped, and recently regained his freedom days after he was kidnapped by gunmen in his home, Bishop Joseph Masin, in an interview published by, has revealed that his kidnappers were Fulani and claimed to be Muslims but he never saw them pray for days.

The 78 years old man of God said his only prayer when they came for him was that, they should not touch his family and that he wasn't scared because nothing happens without God’s permission.

He explained that, the kidnappers numbering over 10 took him to a mountain in the thick of a forest and left 3 as guards with him.

According to him, they were Fulanis but not Nigerian Fulanis and allegedly told him they were hired by an unnamed person to kidnapp and kill him and will not hesitate to do so if the demanded ransom was not paid.

He said, doo armed with AK47 rifles and machetes, his kidnappers did not assault or insult him but assured him that he will be killed, unless his family caugh up the demanded ransom of N50m which was later reduced to 15 and eventually 10.

He was eventually taken to a place at Mada station and asked to wait there.

After laying on the ground for hours, waiting but not seeing them, he found his way to Ngoshi village following the direction of sounds.

Bishop Joseph Masin is now happily reunited with his family and is grateful to God for saving his life.

He said, he had noticed that the young men between the ages 18 and 20 were driven by money and overheard them several times on phone communicating with ladies, telling them how they planned to enjoy with them.

The menace of kidnapping fueld by the desire to get rich quick has become a nightmare to Nigerians and the Buhari administration must immediately check the insecurity in the country that give room for it or citizens may opt to protect themselves.

Thank God the bishop was freed but what about the dozens that have been killed by their kidnappers.

Our security agencies must rise up to their task and protect us.

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