Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami Leads Move to Unseat Ibrahim Magu as EFCC Boss

Abubakar Malami

News reaching Efogator Media say the minister of justice, who doubles as Attorney-General of the Federation wrote to President Buhari a very unique and personal letter.

According to an insider who was privy to the letter, the content is primarily a recommendation for the termination of the appointment Mallam Ibrahim Magu the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Efogator Media reports that Malami, in his letter to the Nigerian leader based his advice for Magu’s termination on numerous grounds chiefly:

Ibrahim Magu

1. Diversion of recovered loot
2. Insubordination
3. Misconduct

Various resources informed Efogator Media that the minister presented a list of 3 candidates he nominated for consideration to replace Magu.

The document states that Magu is preventing again and his supporters in the Presidency insist that disposing of Magu at this factor while he has given muscle to Buhari’s anti-corruption combat could be an error .”

“It is painful that the EFCC boss is dealing with certain powerful forces who've determined to eliminate him no matter his remarkable achievements,” resources stated.

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The sources stated given the load of Malami’s allegations in opposition to Magu, the president can also be inclined “to discovered out a search panel which will take a look at out the veracity of the allegations and make necessary recommendations.”

Below is what one of the resources told our newsman:

I can authoritatively inform you that although Magu has survived preceding plots to dispose of him, the AGF’s opinion stays the deadliest plot to induce Magu out of the EFCC as AGF’s letter to the president contained 22 weighty allegations that need Buhari’s choice on whether or not or to no longer ship Magu’s name to the Senate for confirmation or replace him….. that is regularly because the office of the AGF is that the supervising ministry of the EFCC then his opinion can't be handled with levity.

For instance , Malami alleged accounting gaps or discrepancies of figures concerning the recovered loots, claiming that Magu wasn't transparent enough in the control of recovered loots”

Abubakar Malam- R  , Ibrahim Magu -L

In a swift reaction to the Malami’s allegation, a supporter of the performing EFCC boss said

''It will hobby you to word that Malami accused the EFCC boss of revealing a entire naira recuperation of N504 billion but lodged N543 billion inside the Recovery Account with the financial group of Nigeria (CBN). Incidentally, this handed the disclosed figures by means of N39 billion.”

Malami claimed that the majority of the recovered assets by means of the EFCC were allegedly sold by means of Magu without the information of anyone.

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“But it's unfortunate that this claim is discrepant with the overall public public sale of property by using the EFCC,“ the supply instructed Efogator Media.

Another supporter of the EFCC boss said

'Malami also accused Magu of blatant display of arrogance and insubordination to him as supervising minister of the EFCC.” another source said

You will recall that a number of efforts have been made in the past to lure the president into dropping Magu as EFCC boss since his appointment as EFCC acting chairman on November 9, 2015.

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