Our Prisons are Congested Due to Supreme Court Insufficient Justice

Our Prisons are Congested Due to Supreme Court Insufficient Justice

A human Rights Activist and senior advocate of Nigeria Femi Falana has blamed the supreme court for its insufficient justice on prison congestion.

In his letter to president Buhari, he recommended that the national judiciary council of Emmanuel Agim, Samuel C.Oseji, Helen Ogunwumiju as Supreme Court Justices.
Still speaking, he made known the number of justices has decreased to 12 out of 21 being known in the constitution of Nigeria. In his letter to the president, states the need to ratify and forward the names of these justices to the senate for confirmation becomes crucial.
In order words, if the letter is viewed against, the backdrop of the clamor of prison decongestion being championed by his excellency.

His excellency forwarded a letter to the Chief justice of Nigeria requesting that measures be taken by the judiciary to decongest the prisons amid the outbreak of coronavirus.
One of the reasons why prison is congested is that the supreme court has not be able to determine criminal cases due to insufficient justices. Ratifying the names recommended by the NJC could do justice to the decongestion of prisons.
The workload appeals pending at the supreme court would be significantly reduced if the justices are appointed.
Furthermore, the president is expected to promote the cause of justice by expeditiously ratifying the names forwarded.

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