Read the true story of what transpired in Aso-Rock that resulted in gun shots on June 13th

Before you start ascribing blames to any one over the gunshots in Aso Rock, you need to know what truly transpired in Aso Rock between the First Lady, First Family, Aso Rock Security, Chief Security Officer to the President and the President’s Personal Assistant, Yusuf on the 12th of June, 2020.

Even though it was reported and gathered that one of the security officers of Aisha Buhari firstly resorted to the use of fire arm in the villa, it would still be wise of you to get a narrative explanation on what happened yesterday, and how it resulted in gun violence today.

Trust me; you will get the best report ever in the course of this article. Kindly read through the lines, without missing any line where germane information might be lying at.

The Chaotic situation at the Presidential Villa started yesterday and I reported it right away, on this platform but, no who knows it will assume a different height, this day.

It all started when the Personal Assistant, Secretary and Cousin of President Buhari, Mr. Sabiu Yusuf returned from a journey from Lagos State to the Presidential Villa, Aso Rock. The problem started when two of the most powerful relations of the President started checking power, a power tussle.

The Wife of the President, who holds the key to the President’s heart and partly his life and the deepest vein of the President, his cousin who is at the same time his Personal Assistant and even his Personal Secretary, created a scene at the Villa last night.

Returning back from the trip, the President’s Wife Aisha Buhari and three of the President’s children; Zahra, Halima and Yusuf together with some security personnel led by the Aide-de-Camp of Aisha Buhari, Mr. Usman Shuabu, kindly went to Mr. Sabiu Yusuf, who just arrived from an interstate journey, just to spend the weekend alongside some five girls from Daura, Kano and Abuja, was kindly asked to self quarantined himself in his residence inside the Villa so as to protect the lives of everyone; the President’s inclusive.

Aisha Buhari enjoins him to do this because she, Aisha Buhari believes that he, Yusuf may have unknowingly contracted the virus because she has Intel that Mr. Yusuf had met with some of the contacts of the late Former Group Managing Director of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Mr. Maikanti Baru, who recently died of COVID-19 complications.

The President was in the villa and the First Family must do everything in their power to make sure his health is not compromised; also the Security Personnel’s top priority is to protect the First Family, majorly the President. Thus, they told Mr. Yusuf to go and self quarantine himself away from the Presidential Villa.

Instead, Mr. Yusuf, who is absolutely, one of the richest youths and definitely the most powerful youth in Nigeria today, decided to wave away the instructions and forced his way into the Presidential Villa to see the President.

The First Family, especially the First Lady became so angered owing to the way Mr. Yusuf defied her order and primarily the NCDC’S which states that anyone who has traveled interstate, should compulsorily self quarantine. The First Lady then told some securities of the First Family, to forcefully, if need be, show Mr. Yusuf his way out of the Villa.

The scenario birthed a heated argument as the Personal Assistant to the President, Mr. Yusuf claims that his wife just delivered in Lagos and he had to go see her. Moreover, he claims he was not the only one who travels to Lagos, in defiance to the interstate lockdown order. Mr. Yusuf tells the first lady that, she knows that the new Chief of Staff, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari does travel to Lagos State, virtually every weekend. Yet, he was the only one that was victimized of the accusation.

Still, all force was applied on him and when he showed too much adamancy, the ADC of the First Lady, Usman Shuagba, in an attempt to apprehend Mr. Yusuf and throw him out of the Villa, allegedly fired a gunshot, which cause disarray in the Villa. As for Mr. Yusuf, he quickly finds his way of the Villa and immediately went to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Adamu Muhammed to report the incident, which later led to the arrest of the ADC of the First Lady.

Currently, all the securities of the First Family who were involved in the gun violence had been nabbed by the Federal Police Force and they are in the Police Cell. They were all arrested based on a principle in their code of duty that no matter the provocation, firing the gunshots in the Presidency Constitutes a “Security breach”, which they are guilty of. The wife of the President has taken to her twitter account to ask for the release of her securities.

Currently, we believe that Mr. Yusuf should be in good mood as it seems he checked her opponent first, A Checkmate!

In your own pool of opinions, based on the exclusive information that you have consumed on what truly transpired in the Aso Rock, between the Powerful Forces from different tents, the Tent of the First Family, which constitutes the wife, children and securities of the President and the Tent of the onerous Man, most powerful youth in Nigeria, who at the same time is a Cousin to the president, a Personal Assistant and a Personal Secretary of the President.

Which tent do you think is at fault? The First Family’s Tent who applied force which later resulted to gun violence to protect the lives of the Residents of the Villa, including the President or the Personal Assistant and Secretary of the President, Mr. Yusuf who breaks a lockdown order on the basis that his wife allegedly gave birth in Lagos, which the First Lady seems to dispute as he was accused of spending the weekend with some girls from the aforementioned states and haven met the contacts of a Former Coronavirus Patient, refused to self quarantine himself when he got back?

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