Reopen Kenyans Economy or be engulf in Hunger and depression

Charles Njagua kanyi of Starehe, a member of Parliament also known as Jaguar has impel president Uhuru Kenyatta to reopen the economy.

The first time Jaguar explain to the President that 342, 300 Kenyans have already lost their jobs in the last few months due to the curfew and the cessation of movements that were imposed in a bid for coronavirus to curb.
Still speaking, he gave detailed report on Kenyans losing their jobs if the status quota remains. He went on to say that the economy was at a high risk of collapsing, making hunger and depression to possibly engulf the nation.

The citizens understand the dangers of COVID-19. They’ve shown that they care for their fellow Kenyans by wearing masks washing their hands and maintaining social distance. 
Moreover, they have observed the nationwide curfew and the lockdown in Eastleigh, Nairobi, and Mombasa.

The celebrated singer went on to explain his point giving an example of his constituents who according to him have followed the guidelines dutifully as patriots.

He argued that the cases in his constituency have remained low because of the cooperation between his office, local leaders, businesses, religious organizations, and the government administrators.
Furthermore, Jaguar pointed out that his residents still feel the economic pains of the restrictions, he stated that the cooperation between his office, community leaders, and government administrators to help the people of Starehe to fight the Coronavirus will continue under a reopened economy.

He went on to argue that the country can fight the Coronavirus as people work. 
The nation cannot survive much longer with the ongoing restrictions that have rendered Kenyans jobless.

Kenyans anticipating the curfew to be lifted and Economy be reopened.

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