See The Best and Latest Ladies Ankara Fashion Styles 2020

Striped dress Striped clothes should be worn with extreme caution. This print doesn't fit all kinds of women . you'll choose it if you've got an honest figure. you'll combine a striped attire with a waistcoat.

Cord lace sleeves, during this case, create a really feminine and tender look. the mixture of Ankara and lace always works well, especially when it involves long gowns. The headwear of bright shades will perfectly match such a dress. don't ditch the accessories. they're important! Use massive bracelets, watches, and rings.

Remember that if you're not so tall, such clothes might not suit you. If you're tall enough to wear dresses with such prints, arm yourself with accessories. they're going to be very useful. Long gown with a floral or geometric print are often combined with a jacket or vest of neutral colors.

Avoid outerwear with a bright print, otherwise, you'll look ridiculous. to make a harmonious image, choose shoes, bag or belt of an equivalent colour scheme which your dress has. you'll choose brighter accessories if the apparel features a delicate print.

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