See how the mad man who use to preach the gospel under the bridge in Lagos looks now

About 2- 3 months again this video surface on line and it was trending online including watsapp, Facebook and the rest.

I even watched the video where this man above was pictured preaching the gospel at under bridge Ojo Lagos State.

In one of his statement I listened to he was saying that Jesus is coming again that the world should give their life to Christ and a lot people gathered him and he continue preaching but one of the surprising thing about the whole senero was.

First, he was asked if they could buy him some clothes and he replied just one and it should be a white shirt that he doesn't need much. Also said the clothes should be given to beggars.

Secondly, people started giving him money and he objected that he doesn't need the money also it should be given to beggars.

To me when I listened to him speak via that video it was very strange a mad man refusing to collect money?

Also seeing a mad man preaching the gospel.

Could It be that God used him to pass the message?

 Then after restored back his health?

God actually can use any thing or any man to pass His message as long the message is delivered.

Watch his video below:

Glory be to God the same man who was mad months ago has regain his health.

My advice is this, there is every evidence that Christ is coming back again if God can use a mad man to preach about His Coming

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