See how Nigerian students are hungry, stranded in foreign universities

Nigerian students in overseas, are reportedly in horrible conditions and needed urgent help. Most of them due to hunger resort to breaking shops”

 In an interview with a student in Cyprus university, Alim Usman, said they were living without food and accommodation, as their tenancy had expired. Saying many students were now wandering and if the condition worsened, may soon resort to crime such as stealing.

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The Overseas student Parents association in Kano headed by Bappa Ahmed, says the students were in 3 institutions, overseas. one of the universities alone, there were 40 female students from the state.

However, Salisu Tanko Yakasai, an official from the Kano State Government, said they were conducting a students’ census, from each Local Government to know the amount to pay and reach the students.

 Also, Suleiman Muhammad Inuwa from another university in Cyprus told the rfi Hausa that many Nigerian students in the country were in a pitiable state. According to him, some were ill; others lacked accommodation and were very hungry.

He alleged that their complaints to the Nigerian Embassy in Turkey, which was in charge of the neighboring island of Cyprus, fell on deaf ears.

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