See How President Trump Surprises Black Community In the US Again Amidst Accusations Of Being A Racist

Reports from the US says the American president, Donald Trump pulled a huge surprise.

Amidst the uproar that was created by the murder of Floyd George by the team of four police officers in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

President Donald J Trump has scored a potential great point amongst the African American community in the United States by nominating General CQ Brown to be the next Air Force Chief Of Staff.

General CQ Brown would be the VERY first African American to head any branch of the US Military.

Following his (General CQ Brown’s) nomination by The US president, the senate have gone on to confirm his nomination.

 The voting was massively bipartisan, with a vote of 98-0, the United States Senate confirmed Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. to be Air Force Chief of Staff.

General CQ Brown’s nomination and confirmation is yet another big history in the books of the United States as it concerns the blacks, and while it would be easy to point to such “move” as political, the fact remains that General CQ Brown is a fine gentleman, with greater character and leadership, and his colour was not allowed to stand in the way, as could be seen in the outcome of the votes of the senators.

Do you think this is great news and lift for the blacks in America?

Take a look at the above picture, alongside this news of the very first African American to head any branch of the US military, and tell us if you really think that President Donald J Trump is actually a racist as he is being painted by the media establishment in the US, who obviously hate everything about him?

Do you think Trump hates blacks?

Let’s have your say in the comments section.

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