See the Most Expensive Car in the World (6.9 Billion) and The Only Person Who Owns It

What you are about seeing and reading is the Costliest Car in the World, the Buggati Lat Voit Nor.

I want to share with you the Buggati Lat Voit Nor’s value, it's Features and the Only human being walking the earth that owns it.

Buggati Lat Voit Nor was launched in 2019 and at the present exchange rate, the car costs $19ml, this is about N6.8bl Nigerian Naira.

Buggati Lat Voit Nor is made of carbon fire and could attain a speed of two hundred and fifty nine meters per hour, more than any other car on earth could achieve.

With such amount of billions of naira, the Bugatti Lat Voit Nor is not a play for civil servants or children, and even the wealthy around the nations of the earth can only see and take pictures but never buy it.

With the amount it being sold, one can successfully buy Three Hundred G wagons and Fifty Rolls Royce and still get home with some money left.

See More Photos of the Master Piece Below: 

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