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Have you ever been curious about Osita Iheme house and cars? If yes, you should definitely learn the stories behind, and see all those glamorous assets are just the tip of the iceberg.

 Osita Iheme biography & facts revealed

This man is endorsed and loved by many Nigerians. Osita Iheme was born in Mbaitoli, Imo State. Before he entered the film industry, Osita Iheme actually got a bachelor of Science from a high-ranked institution, the Lagos State University.

Osita Iheme house and cars are the results of his countless movies, as will be listed below. Though starring in multiple movies, he is widely known in his flagship character "Paw-Paw" in the movie Aki na Ukwa, costarring Chinedu Ikedieze. It is safe to say that this very movie is the leverage that propelled his career forward, making him one of the most sought-after actors in the Nollywood. His life was basically transformed since 2003 when the movie was filmed.

It's been more than a decade since his first encounter with acting. In 2007, his talent was flamboyantly celebrated in the African Movie Academy Award, with the title "Lifetime Achievement Award". Considering his restless energy during his whole career, the name of the award truly represent Osita Iheme and his accomplishments.

Receiving the award was one of the biggest milestones in his acting career

Later on, in 2011, he was awarded yet another prize. This time, Osita Iheme received the honorary title of being the member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR).

Osita Iheme age.

If you're not a fan of Osia Iheme or haven't heard or known him before, his age will definitely take you aback. This guy with tricky childish appearance was born in 1982, so as of 2019, he is now very close to 39. Surprise?

Is Osita Iheme married?

It's fair to come up with such a question since many of his colleagues are happily married, it's naturally for his fans to think so. Recently, the rumor has been supported by a picture of him, apparently in a very classy Tuxedo, alongside and holding hands with a famous actress Nana Ama McBrown.

The picture of a man in Tux and a woman in an elegant dress kind of speaks for itself

Surprisingly, the couple denied the (seemingly) obvious information. The actress from Ghana remained quiet while Osita said he's not yet ready to tie the knot and still has a lot to do with his career. Turned out, he and she was the best man and best maid of honor for the wedding of Prince Nwafor!

Turned out, he was just a special guess at another famous figure's wedding

His fans expressed their concern toward Osita's love life and worry that he might be consumed by loneliness. At our guess, with his wittiness and spontaneous charm, their concern is totally groundless. A man like him knows his ways around ladies and is surely not lonely when he's in need of a true company. They might not be dating tho'.

Osita Iheme rumored death.

Can your still remember sometimes early last year that he passed on? Oh heaven's sake. Can't believe why the news floatedall over the internet. Anyway i don't just wanna flashback now. But just know our witty actor is still alive and kicking. If any, he's in his best of health and also the height of his career. God blesses the ones who spread the news, maybe they should be careful about their vocal remarks next time.

Osita Iheme movies.

There is an old saying that goes "Don't judge a book by its cover". Osita Iheme might be small, but his tenacity and perseverance are matchless. As of today, he has contributed to more than 50 movies. You can see the list of outstanding movies and their according year. There's a very high chance that you will be baffled by his accomplishments:

Movies He Has Acted Thus Far:


Okwu na uka

Aka Gum

John and Johnny Just Come

Green Snake

2 Rats

Aki na ukwa

I'm in Love

Baby Police

Back from America 2

Charge & Bail

Tell Them

Oke Belgium

Good Mother


Johnny Just Come


Nwa Teacher

Twin Brothers

American Husband

Big Daddies

Columbia Connection

Daddy Must Obey


Baby Police 2

Colours of Emotion

Final World Cup

Holy Diamond

I Think Twice

My Business

Reggae Boys

Secret Adventure


Village Boys

Boys from Holland

Brain Box

Criminal Law


Last Challenge

Remote Control

Royal Messengers

Winning Your Love

Young Masters

Stubborn Flies

Tom and Jerry (originally released in 2003, remade in

Markus D Millionaire

Mirror boy

Double Mama

The Self-Destruction of Little Mark

Games men play 5: Computer Games is our Game

List of Osita Iheme accomplishments during his career

Osita Iheme cars.

As far as we know, he's not really the man of driving, but rather like to be chauffeured around by a private driver. It doesn't mean that he doesn't big on cars though. Watch his cars collection below and see for yourself!

Osita Iheme Land Rover LR3

This is the latest SUV in his car fleet, the Land Rover LR3. The famous brand has been long known for its ruggedness and, at the same time, elegance on the outside, a combination that's indeed very challenging to pull off.

Its hidden ability: "turning" potholes into flat surfaces.

That comes at a price, though. Compared with other models of the same size or even several feet longer, it weighs pretty much the same. But maybe that's what gives it the ability to somehow "ignores" all the potholes and rocky roads in Nigeria.

The suggested retail price for a Land Rover LR3 at the moment starts from ₦18 million.

Osita Iheme Toyota Harrier.

Another SUV in his collection, this one was bought several years before the Land Rover. This one drives seamlessly, as you can see in the test drive video below, yet Osita wanted to buy another SUV. In our estimation, this one not falling into the luxury category is the main reason why he needed a new one.

The Harrier has varied pricing but the price tag of a brand new must be around ₦50 million.

Toyota Harrier was the pick of Osita Iheme, so you'd know it's a decent choice

Osita Iheme Honda NSX sport car.

At first glance, the Honda NSX looks oddly similar with an Audi R8, but the front-grille surely says "Honda". It takes only 3.1 seconds from ground zero to reach 100 km/h, which is a decent number for a 573 hp vehicle, especially when it's a hybrid one. Back to the R8 we mention above, the Honda NSX does not outrun the R8 and other vehicles on the same segment, impressive as its number might sound.

This luxury model cost Osita Iheme at least ₦58 million to acquire.

The performance is decent for a hybrid vehicle, but it still didn't make its way to the supercar segment.

From a supercar segment perspective, the car does look the part, but there's still something missing on the inside, as shown by the declining number in Honda NSX sales in recent years. Maybe the era for the tagline "hybrid" has long gone, and "electric" is the way to go? What do you guys think?


Osita with his brother and children.

Ostia Iheme and his niece.

Other of this family members are not well known.

2. You can see more about Osita Iheme house and cars here.

Osita Iheme house and real estates

Osita Iheme house.

With his glamorous life and career, one would think that his home would be just as dazzling and its image should be all over social media and networks by now. On the contrary, the image of his house seems nowhere to be found. The famous actor decided to discreet his house from the public, and so the images of his house a mystery for the online fanfares.

Several months and around ₦100 million later (according to some online sources), his house was finally finished. Speaking for myself, the price tag is rather humble for a superstar like Osita Iheme. But still, getting us happy by throwing away money at things may not be his first priority. Since we cannot find the image of his house from the outside, let's see it from the inside, then!

Osita Iheme looks satisfied with his new house.

Osita Iheme hotels.

Osita Iheme has a great interest in investing in real estates. Many years ago, he spent a great percentage of his fortune into a hotel in Egunu State. Later on, supposed the previous business was a success (?), he used the money generated from there, coupled with the cash he got from the movie industry, he erected another one in Owerri called "The resident".

Apparently, he decided to be the foreman of his own hotel's construction, what a considerate man

The hotel has been recently completed

Celebrity cars collection.

Osita Iheme net worth.

The information online is pretty conflicting. After some thorough research, we concluded Osita Iheme might worth around $3.5 million or ₦1.4 billion. This is to count in the money he made from starring in many Nollywood's blockbusters, from bars and hotels business. Also, little unbeknownst to many, he's an author and an inspirational speaker, who singlehandedly founded the Inspired Movement Africa, in the hope to inspire millions of Nigerian youngsters and African descent to strive for the better and to keep going no matter what.

Not only he's a comic, a businessman, his writing career is very noticeable

The book he authored "INSPIRED 101", generated great attention from the public, especially the young audiences.

With more than a decade into the Nollywood, it's truly incredible how an individual could accomplish that much

Osita Iheme wedding, Osita Iheme wife & Osita Iheme child.

Since Osita Iheme publicly stated that his main concern at the moment is his career, the wedding wouldn't happen anytime soon. But rest assured that when Osita Iheme wedding takes place, it will surely be covered by my and I'll be sharing it on Opera News.

Looking at his Facebook and Instagram account, there was no definitive sign of a "would-be" bride, so we can only speculate. By his rather low-key style, one could make an educated guess that his wife would be on the conservative side, with much wifey material.

Recently, some pictures of Osita Iheme have been circulating around the Internet. It was the picture of Osita Iheme holding a baby in his hands in a considerate and loving way.

He seems happy holding the baby in his hands. He calls her Ada. Might be his first daughter tho'.

Now, if you're a true fan of Osita Iheme and particularly the show Aki and Paw-paw, you'd know what really happened. But if you're just a one who barely knows Osita, you couldn't possibly know that this was actually a scene on the show! It's not your false though, since the Internet is flooded with unverified information. That's why Exclusive_ Mira is here to clear the mist for new audiences like you.

By the way Osita talked about his marriage plan, the day we see Osita's baby might be years away from now.

Osita Iheme and the unique duo in Aki and Pawpaw

If you haven't heard about "Aki and Paw-paw" yet, it's a TV comedy series with two main characters, starring Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze. At first, the movie seemed just like any other comedy on TV, but their unique energy and appearance gradually drove the film up the most watched list ladders, step by step. Being able to see both men of similar age, almost identical in appearance and talented in their own way is truly a gift to us who was fortunate enough to be born in this era.

Their unparallel skills set and talents really bumped the rate of the TV series sky high.

Chinedu Ikedieze cars.

Let's talk a little bit about Osita "partner in success". Gifted with the same talents and received relatively the same opportunities, it's fair to say Chinedu Ikedieze has obtained just as much money as Osita Iheme during his career, some of which are translated to his many luxury cars and houses.

Hummer stretch limousine.

If you happen to see a limousine on the street, 9 out of 10 times it would be a sedan, but have you seen a Hummer limousine, I bet my writing career that most of you haven't. Chinedu has ordered a specially made Hummer for him to drive to his film site. I saw it.

Seeing a hummer on the street alone is rare, how 'bout a limousine one?


You would probably feel awed by now over Osita Iheme transient effort, you would see how an individual strives hard to pursue their ambition regardless of their background, instead of just sit down and torment themselves about all the shortcomings. Osita Iheme house and cars were not acquired overnight, it's the result of countless night shifts and untiring perseverance throughout his whole life.

Salute to Osita Iheme, or may I say the black Napoleon of Nigeria!

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