See the very rude looking Carrot that was sold to a couple by Tesco

An American couple was left in hysterics mood after Tesco delivered to them a VERY rude looking carrot with amazing features.

The couple was shocked when they discovered that the carrot in question is mysteriously shaped like a man exposing a tiny p3nis inside a bag of vegetable.

Mr. Matthew Whitaker, 43, and his wife Amy, 32, was stunned to find out that a carrot with a rude-looking appendage from the bag of shopping they had delivered from Tesco.

The delivery driver Matthew said Amy, a support worker, called him into the kitchen to show him the hilarious X-rated discovery.

Recall that the couple usually buy wonky carrots within their locality, but this time around, their local store did not have any, so the couple decided to order from Tesco stores.

He said: "We'd had it delivered so I was bringing the shopping in from the front door and Amy was unpacking it.

"She shouted me to come to the kitchen urgently, I thought something was wrong at first.

"But she was holding a carrot that looked like a pair of legs with a penis on show.

"When she showed me, we fell about laughing."

Amy, from Cornwall, shared the phallic find to Facebook with the caption "love rude veg" and friends quipped about its size.

Matthew, originally from Bradford, West Yorks., said: "We had a chuckle, it brought a bit of light relief during these uncertain times."

Matthew said he planned to cook the carrot and eat it as he is a "typical Yorkshireman" and wanted to get his money's worth from the shop.

However he added that he won't let his two young children eat it "as it is rude and naughty".

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