See Why Thousands of Luxury Cars are Left to Rot In Dubai’s Supercar Graveyards


Dubai which is the united Arab Emirates town is a luxury journey destination for amusement and enterprise travelers.

There is a bizarre epidemic throughout the nation: abandoned supercar, whilst one drives round Dubai, they can see various supercars with six or seven-figure fee tags mendacity deserted on the streets everywhere.

Some of the numerous thousand luxurious supercars left to rot in airports and car parks throughout the United Arab Emirates include: limited edition Ferrari Enzo, a couple of Lamborghinis, Porsches, Bentleys, Nissan Skylines and even a Honda NSX.

Most huge cities will need to tackle problems like unemployment, crime and housing issues, however Dubai’s surplus of abandoned luxurious motors has turn out to be such a virulent disease that it’s made international headlines across the world.


According to the newspaper Gulf News, there are some 2,000 to 3,000 cars deserted each and every 12 months in Dubai, surely discarded and left by their proprietors to accumulate dust in the searing barren region heat. most motors are in dilapidated condition.

It is assumed this is the largest scrapyard market. People come from extraordinary countries to shop for automobile spare components at half fees with can't be afford by way of everyone.

Abdul Majeed Saifaie, director of Dubai’s waste management department, says that a number of the automobiles are eventually moved and impounded in the event that they impede roads or impact on safety, but others are left as they were, sometimes for years before they’re recovered.

Pictures of the motors, including that £1 million Enzo, have sparked fury on social media, with many assuming that the hyper-rich residents of Dubai are so wealthy and so numb to the value of the things that they own that they certainly leave the auto while they’re bored and get another.

It appears that one in every of the number one reasons why so many costly luxurious motors emerge as deserted is due to Dubai’s struggle within the face of the results of the global financial crisis, together with plunging oil fees.

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