Simple Steps to Protect Your WhatsApp From Fraudsters


It is important you protect your WhatsApp account from the activities of fraudsters who have vowed to syphon innocent persons hard-earned money by gaining access into their bank details through first accessing their WhatsApp account details.

Mrecall that most persons now do their businesses online using Whatsapp. This is because WhatsApp is one of the most popular digital platforms which helps to connect people together and grow your business.


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As a result of the above, if your WhatsApp account details is hacked, it means just ONE BIG THING, and that is, all your business information is been hacked.

Therefore, the best and wise thing to do is to protect your Whatsapp account.

Steps to protect your WhatsApp from fraudsters:

Mind you, in doing protect your WhatsApp account successfully, you need six digits PIN

•    Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots on the top right of the screen
•    Click on “Settings”
•    Click on “Account”
•    Pick “Two-step verification”
•    Click on “Enable,” and then pick your six-digit PIN.

The video tutorial below will walk you through the whole process.

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