South Africans reacts to the position of their police on the list of Africans best police

Some citizens of South Africa did not seem to be happy with the position of their country,s police force in the ranking released by an Authentic ‘African Facts’ page on Microblogging Platform Twitter.

Siuth African police department Rank number Nine on the Best Police force in Africa.

According to a report by the World internal security and Police index (WISPI) which was the source of the aforementioned Ranking.

The Top Fourteen best Police in Africa were Bostwana, Rwanda, Algeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt, Burkinafaso, Ghana, South Africa, Morroco, Mali, Sudan, Malawi and Burundi Respectively.

Reactions by South African citizens on this revelation were that the facts were incorrect and that their police department do not deserve to be in even the top 50 best police force in Africa.

They further stated that they had high crime rates in the country and Placing them on Number 9 simply meant that other Police were more corrupt than them which they found untrue.

“As a South African I wish to Object the List, how TF did the S.A Police Service make it on the list while we have the Highest crime rate and corruption, are you saying they are Far more corrupt police than SAPS?

Ngwenya said: As far as we are concerned, SAPS is the last on the list of best African police firce anytime.

A further Comment by one Edwin onoriode stated that indeed the Bostwana Police department who ranked number one the list deserved and should be applauded because of their professionalism in handling matters and Training equipments.

 Ngwenya further stated:

“I did a course with Botswana Police, damn, those guys are good and highly professional.

They have the best training Police facilities I've ever been to.

But how did Sudan make the list? Those guys are damn corrupt.

I was in Sudan for Peacekeeping Ops so, I know Sudanese Police”

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