The Court Once Ruled That "Mohammed" is The Same as Muhammadu, Now Will Obaseki be Ruled as "Obasek"?

Embattled APC chairman Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has threatened court action if the PDP give him ticket to contest for the Edo State Governorship election in their platform.

For almost 4 years now, Godwin Obaseki has been the governor of Edo State under the platform of the All Progressive Congress, APC.

However, he was disqualified by the APC NWC from contesting the Edo state governorship primary under the APC party because of what the claimed to be a discrepancy in his certificate.

Meanwhile, all indications shows that Governor Godwin Obaseki may be heading to the PDP to contest the Edo state governorship election. And Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is not founding that funny.

Suspended National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, said that his party will go to court to challenge Governor Godwin Obaseki’s certificates if he is fielded by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the September governorship election in Edo State.

Following the incident in the party that led to his disqualification, Governor Godwin Obaseki formally resigned his membership from the APC Tuesday morning. This is the platform with which he became governor of the state in 2016.

Oshiomhole who spoke at the Court of Appeal premises said the party will take Obaseki to court over the alleged discrepancies in academic qualifications if the opposition party in the state presents him as its governorship candidate.

The Court Once Ruled That "Mohammed" is The Same as Muhammadu, Now Will Obaseki be Ruled as "Obasek"?

In his words he said, “Fortunate enough, it was the PDP that exposed him in 2016. PDP filed a case at the Federal High Court, amplifying every forgery segments in his certificate. APC just managed to escape that because PDP filed out of time and the case was struck out,” Oshiomhole told reporters.

He stated further: “Now, the case has life so when they field him, we will be at the court to adopt what PDP filed before the court against him with additional evidence we now have against him. So, we can’t wait to have PDP field him as their candidate.”

Mockingly, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole referred to Governor Godwin Obaseki as a boy when he said that soon, the boys will be separated from the men. And expressed satisfaction that they are now good to go without Governor Godwin Obaseki. He noted that Governor Godwin Obaseki is quite abusing of him, and he is fond of telling half truth against him.

However, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole did not say Godwin Obaseki should not join any political party. According to him, Obaseki has that democratic right to leave or join any party of his choice.

But he is now ineligible to contest any elections because he "forged" his certificates. He also noted that, It is his right to leave APC. Saying that there is no compulsory membership of any party. He acknowledge the fact that a political party is a voluntary association, if anyone wants to stay, he stays, and if anyone wants to leave, he is free to leave.

He expressed satisfaction that Governor Godwin Obaseki has exercised that democratic right. However, that from his point of view, "it is a good radiance to bad rubbish." He explained that the issue of his disqualification from contesting under the APC is about his certificate.

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole made a case with the incident that took place in Bayelsa State. The governorship election in Bayelsa state was won by the APC candidate. But because of the discrepancy in their candidate's certificate, the APC lost to the PDP at the Supreme Court level. He noted that it is only a carefree political party that will not be very meticulous in screen its candidates to avoid a repeat of history.“

The Court Once Ruled That "Mohammed" is The Same as Muhammadu, Now Will Obaseki be Ruled as "Obasek"?

A case of PDP vs Muhammadu Buhari in 2019

It could be recalled that, during the 2019 general election where the Atiku Abubarka of PDP lost the presidential election to General Muhammad Buhari of the APC, the outcome of the election was challenged in court.

One of the charges filed against Muhammad Buhari was the discrepancy on his name. The PDP made a case that exhibit P1 which the President sworn under oat, the report of the Head of Provincial School in Katsina as per 1961, and the military record marked as exhibit P24 showed that the name of Mr president is "Muhammadu Buhari" and not "Muhammad Buhari" or "Mohamed Buhari" or "Muhammed Buhari".

PDP noted that other versions of his name as found in other documents belonging to the president are evidence of name forgery. However, the Federal Court of Appeal referred to the discrepancy as "a mere variation in the same." Whereas, the 2nd Respondent referred to it as "inconsequential discrepancy".

But the 2nd Respondent did not plead that "Mohamed" or "Muhamed" or "Muhammad" and "Muhammed" and or "Mohammed" have the same meaning and referred to one person. During a cross-examination of RW4, he said that there was no different between "Mohammad" and "Muhammed", that it all depends on who call it. But he did not say if "Mohamed" and "Muhammadu" where different.

However, the Supreme Court Justices led by Justice Muhammed Tanko in their own wisdom ruled that the two spellings of "Mohamed" and "Muhammadu" are one and the same and represented one person. Consequently, the case was decided in favor of President Muhammadu Buhari.

For the issue raised in Obaseki vs Oshiomhole saga.

In the case of Governor Godwin Obaseki, will the same court that cleared President Muhammadu Buhari rule that "Obaeski" and "Obasek" as appeared in his NYSC certificate does not represent one person? Will it not also depend on who calls the name, whether "Obaseki " or "Obasek" is either way correct?

Will it not amount to double standard if the court rules against Governor Godwin Obaseki in this case? The screening committee acknowledged it as a typographical error and accused Governor Godwin Obaseki for not taking any concrete steps to correct the name.

They also accused Governor Godwin Obaseki for completing his 1st Degree studies in 3 years instead of the mandatory 4 years as required by those who undergo Classic Study in the University of Ibadan. What the APC NWC failed to understand is that from 1976 to 1979 consist of 4 years and not 3.

Firstly, January to December 1976 is one year. January to December 1977 is the 2nd year. January to December 1978 is the 3rd year and January to December 1979 is the 4th year. Therefore, it is possible that Governor Godwin Obaseki might have completed his studies between 1976 to 1979 depending on the school academic calendar.

However, even the 3 years that they claimed Governor Godwin Obaseki spend in school can become 2 years. How so? This could be possible if the school calendar had started from December 1976 and ended in January 1979. Therefore, it is possible that the APC NWC had lost their mathematics while calculating his academic years.

They might have adopted an open boundary principle instead of the concept of closed boundary in their calculation. Meanwhile, the University of Ibadan, through its Registrar, Olubunmi Faluyi, has issued a statement affirming that Governor Godwin Obaseki graduated in UI.

It is therefore, unnecessary to make a case as to whether Obaseki spent four year or three years in his studies. As regard whether "Obaseki" or "Obasek" is to be considered the same and belonging to one person, we must beam our eyes on the eminent jurists if the case is resurrected in the court ones again. After all, what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

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