The True Reason Edo State APC Lifted The Suspension of Adams Oshiomole

In life it is good to be wise and smart, wise and smart people are not easily given to fail.

Wisdom is applying relevant knowledge and understanding in every issue of life to get a pleasant result.

This is what has just played out in APC Edo State chapter.

The APC Politicians in Edo State are wise and are very smart in their judgment of the prevailing political crisis rocking the state

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The Edo State APC calculated very well by showning it in their lifting of Oshiomhole,s suspension.

Recall that they showed Oshiomhole that they are bigger than him no matter the position he has attained in the party and in Nigeria,s pokitics as the national chairman of the ruling party, APC.

They did that by suspending him from the State chapter of the said party, thereby rendering him baseless.

You will remember that Oshiomhole problem in APC began when the Edo state chapter of APC suspended him from party, and went ahead to challenge why Oshiomole should still be recognized as the National chairman, when he was not a member of APC in Edo state where he hails from.

To them, it indicates that Mr. Oshiomole has no home or base.

Do you know that all these were masterminded by the Edo state incumbent Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki.

Mr. Obaseki did this to subdue Oshiomhole powers in Edo state politics.

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But things worked anticlockwise when both Oshiomhole and Obaseki lost the battle of the leadership of Edo APC.

When this happened, the APC elders/leaders in Edo state quickly realized that, whenever two elephants fights, it is the grasses that suffers the negative effects and imparts.

They also realized that as long as Mr. Godwin Obaseki has decamped from APC, and Oshiomhole not politically active due to suspension, unavoidably, they are not anyy relevant politically in Nigeria.

In wisdom they weighed the following two options at their disposal:

1. Go along with Obaseki to join PDP thereby starting politics from scratch again.

2. Forgive Adams Oshiomhole, and lift his suspension and remain politically relevant.

Having wisely and smartly weighed these two options, they chose the one that will favor them .

Friends, this is the sole reason for lifting of Oshiomhole suspension by Edo state APC.

With this, Oshiomhole will soon bounce back to relevance and regain his lost glory as the national chairman of the ruling party, APC.

But, how long will Oshiomole and Obaseki's feud continue; I admonish both of them to put their hands on the desk and resolve their differences.

It is just a matter of pride, none of the duo wants to humble himself.

What is your opinion on the above?

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