The United States House of Representatives has finally passed The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act bill


Efogator Media just gathered that the US House of Representatives, which has Democrats as majority members has approved a new bill.

This new bill will see a major overhaul of the American police. The vote on the new bill was done by representatives with so much emotions and symbolism.

This bill is aimed at overhauling American police powers in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Speaking outside the capitol after the emotion laden vote, the Honorable Speaker of the House, Ms. Nancy Pelosi stepped out with a group of Congressional Black Caucus, challenged opponents (Republicans) not to allow those who died due to police excesses to be in vain.

Pelosi went further to recall that just exactly one month ago, in the hands of some four police officers George Floyd spoke his final words - 'I can't breathe' - and changed the course of history,".


Some of the changes proposed by the bill includes the followings:

This therefore, must not be allowed to continue in America.

According to Pelosi, the American Senate with Republican majority is now faced with a choice of either honoring George Floyd's life or to do nothing about it.

The new bill is labelled “The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” maybe one of the most ambitious sets of proposed changes to police guiding rules and accountability in the United States in decades.

The new bill is said to enjoy the support of many of the country's civil rights leaders.

According to press release from President Donald Trump's office on the eve of the Thursday vote, Trump promised he certainly would veto the bill.


In his reaction, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also said the new bill would not pass the Republican-held chamber.

President Trump shrugged, after the GOP policing bill stalled this week, blocked by Democrats.

In his words, President Trump said: "If nothing happens with it, it's one of those things, We have different philosophies."

The vote house vote ended 236-181 and was largely on party lines. Three Republican members joined Democrats in favor of passage of the bill, but no Democrats were opposed.

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