There Is Nothing to Celebrate About Democracy in Nigeria- Ikokwu

A lawyer and member of pan Igbo socio-cultural organization, Chief Guy Ikokwu has said ahead of the commemoration of democracy day June 12 that there is nothing to celebrate about Nigeria democracy rather people should talk about anti-democratic policies of government.

The leadership failures of government that has subjected the nation to decades of degradation and to poverty capital of the world should have nothing to rejoice of.

Truly speaking, the nation Nigeria with so much natural resources and humans should have reasons to celebrate but regretted the leadership of leaders.

While speaking, Ikokwu stressed that Nigerian would have got it right if June 12 election are supervised by an electoral umpire and not annulled.

The lawyer maintained that Humphry Nwosu the then Chairman of federal electoral commission, introduced option A4 to make the electoral system credible.

Pointing out his fact on the electoral body, Nwosu revealed the mistake made by annulling that election which reduced the nation Nigeria degradation.

Nigeria is a nation with its knees on the necks of its citizens. The people no longer breath, while others are waiting to be buried. Adding to the situation, this recent pandemic- COVID-19 has caused a lot of citizens more havoc.

The Nation has nothing to celebrate about democracy rather an anti-democracy to restore the country to a better Nigeria.

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