This is The Roles I Played in Setting Wadume Free - Capt Balarabe

Beset Capt Tijjani Balarabe who was prosecuted for encouraging the getaway of a suspected abduct boss, Hamisu Bala (Wadume), said he helped with expelling the cuffs from Wadume's hands.

The official told the Joint Investigation Panel that he utilized a spoon to open the binds.

Balarabe said this in his announcement to the JIP which tested the executing of three cops and their two non military personnel collaborators on Ibbi-Takum Road, in Taraba State, on August 6, 2019.

The men were assaulted and murdered by officers connected to Battalion 93 instructed by Balarabe.

The warriors had in their announcements nitty gritty the different jobs they played in the homicide of the agents of the Intelligence Response Team who were conveyed in Ibbi town, Taraba, to capture Wadume for snatching one Usman Garba.

Wadume had gotten N106.3m payment and still proceeded to murder his casualty since his family neglected to give the extra N20m he requested.

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After the vehicle passing on the police officers and Wadume smashed when a fighter, Sgt. Ibrahim Muhammed, shot the tires, Balarabe said he talked with one of the survivors who distinguished himself as a cop from Abuja.

Balarabe expressed that Wadume was taken to the military camp where his binds were expelled.

The skipper stated, "The gatekeeper officer of Gidan Waya disclosed to me that local people captured one of the suspects and he was with him at the checkpoint and he was having a police ID card; the suspect said he was a police officer from Abuja.

"Lt Yushau Saad carried him from Gidan Waya with the ID card. I talked with him and he said they were sent from Abuja to capture the Alhaji (Wadume). We moved the harmed (police officers) to the medical clinic and the DCO Wukari (ASP Aondona Iorbee) affirmed that they are cops.

"At the point when I showed up at the camp, my warriors and ASP Iorbee and a non military personnel were expelling cuffs from the Alhaji (Wadume). I entered my kitchen and picked a spoon to go along with them in expelling the binds."

In the wake of expelling the binds, the chief expressed that he left Wadume and his two sisters in his lounge room, while he went to Ibbi town with Lt. Saad to recover a few rifles having a place with the IRT cops.

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On returning, he said Wadume had vanished, and when reached on telephone, he asserted he was accepting treatment at an undisclosed facility.

"Before I left for town, Hamisu and his two sisters were in our parlor; I returned to the camp and couldn't discover Hamisu. I asked my CSM as anyone else (official) to me in the camp, he said he didn't have the foggiest idea when he went out.

"I called Alhaji (Hamisu) and he said he was on a trickle at a center. I went to the center, he was not there. I called him again yet he had turned off his telephone. All endeavors to follow Alhaji demonstrated failed," Balarabe described.

Talking on the presumed criminal's relationship with authorities in Taraba State, the military official said he got the quantity of the state Commissioner of Police from Wadume, focusing on that the two men were old buddies.

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He noted, "I got the quantity of the official of police from Hamisu in light of the fact that they are old buddies. He called the CP before he requested that I call him in regard of an instance of Fulani and Jukun."

The skipper conceded that he asked Iorbee to turn off his telephone "with the goal that the military police can't get him on the telephone."

Wadume had recognized Balarabe and nine different warriors as his accessories. They are Staff Sgt. David Isaiah; Sgt. Ibrahim Mohammed; Corporal Bartholomew Obanye; Private Mohammed Nura; Lance Corporal Okorozie Gideon; Corporal Markus Michael; L/Corporal Nvenaweimoeimi Akpagra; Staff Sgt. Abdullahi Adamu, and Private Ebele Emmanuel.

However, the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, and the military specialists have been protecting them from criminal arraignment.

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