Unveiling the New Standard Kit for All Units of the Nigerian Armed Forces

Recall that in 2019, the federal of Nigeria in conjunction with the Nigerian Army launched a contemporary garment making factory named DICON-SUR for the aim of manufacturing new standard kits for the Nigerian army.

According to the govt , the aim of manufacturing new kits is to take care of standardization of the Nigerian soldiers and curtail the misuse of military and other security uniforms by criminal agents and impostors within the country.

It is revealed that these new kits would be ready to be used by all Nigeria soldiers by December.

The new kits would be equipped with the following 6 features:

1. An enhanced communication gadget to enhance combat cohesion and troops synergy.

2. Increased firepower in an auto aim riffle technology, FB beryl chambered in 7.62×39mm.

3. UAV tether for recon, surveillance and better situational awareness.

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