Urhobo youths in Delta State Mobilizes 10,000 to Protest against Police extortion in the State

The National President of the YOUTH-WING of the Urhobo Progressive Union ( UPU), Mr Efemena Umukoro has mobilized 10,000 youths ahead of a protest slated for next week against rising police extortions at various checkpoints in parts of Delta state, especially Urhoboland and such pratice would no longer be tolerated.

He alleged that policemen collect N2000 from motorists at various checkpoints and brutalized those who refused to pay. Since the coming of the new police Commissioner, Hafiz Muhammed Inuwah, he had initiated monitoring process to check policemen involved in extortion, and fought against all forms of human rights abuses by his men. but the situation seems to have changed with his men.

While the Delta state Police Command is working hard to eradicate abuses by his men, Special Tactical Squad (STS) are using the name of the IGP to harrass and embarrass members of the Public”.

He further disclosed that members of the Special Tactical Squad allegedly collected N1.6million from a man identified as Friday Ejiro in Abraka at a checkpoint last week.

“The policemen who stopped him said that the car Friday Ejiro was driving was a stolen one and allegedly collected N1.6million from him before he was set free, is this not extortion?”, Umukoro queried.

The youth president added that members of the squad also clamped down on ten motorcycle owners along Asaba Ogwashi Uku expressway and collected almost N700,000 from them before they were set free.

He urged the Delta state Police command and the state government to urgently rise against these cases of extortion.

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