You can suspend my membership from PDP, But You can't Suspend my Vote– Kasim

The People Democratic Party Former Spokesman Kassim Afegbua, has refuse to join Godwin Obaseki the Edo State Governor for the second term in office.

In an interview with Channels TV he made a statement of vote saying "his blue Print will go for Iyamu" who is contesting from the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Kasim said his anger towards Obaseki is as a cause of how democracy works in the country.

He further said his position on Obaseki is not borne out of desperation nor greed, nor money politics rather  is born out of the fact that there has to be a change in the manner that democracy is running this country.

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A party cannot just surrender every whims to  Someone who join your party within a day. Saying he is not going to be part of that process. I owe the right to vote, to owe my vote and to vote whoever I want.

He also voiced that if the party should suspend him for choosing to vote for the opposition. That it’s non of his business since they can’t prevent him from supporting Iyamu. You can not suspend my vote. You can suspend my membership of party.

He said "I don’t like pretences, I don’t pretend about situations, about scenarios about persons.
As a stakeholder in Edo state, I have the right to interrogate the processes that led to his emergence, have to be consulted.”

It was disclosed that the governorship election has being fixed for september 19 by Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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