Young lady rescued from ritualist - Video

The life of a beautiful young lady was saved by a good Samaritan, he saw this old man lure a young girl away, followed him discreetly and notified the police who arrived at the point he was set to kill her by fetish means for ritual purpose!

Police mobilized to the scene and found the old man preparing the young lady for rituals, the old man was arrested.

As at this moment the young lady is already lying on the ground unconscious.

The old man and the unconscious girl were taken out of his hidden place to an open place where he was ordered by police to revive the girl, he claimed he must jump over her three times before she can regain consciousness.

He was ordered to do so, the old made some incantations and jumped over the girl three times, she screened and jumped up.

Please keep track of where your children are at every point in time!

All manner of evils is on the streets of Nigeria! May God help us!

Friends, you need Jesus and His Spirit in your life.

Watch video below:

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