Am not Pulled out of ministry rather Extending my Ministry to pastor a whole Nation - Newly Elected Malawi President

Malawi newly elected president Lazarus Mccarthy Chakwera a theologian and leader of the Malawi Assemblies of God has revealed how his personal experience with God redirected his life towards becoming a country president.

Lazarus who just assumed office on 28 June 2020 made this known in a video monitored by Scooper News. Affirmed that his life was a result of God’s grace.

He said “I wasn’t able to communicate if there were 3 or 5 people I just shut down because of some kind of impediment. 

But God changed my whole life and future after I met him personally and he redirected my life towards the ministry.

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I have seen God’s grace, I have preached to more than 50,000 people. It has just taken God’s grace. There is no way I could have ever dreamt that was gonna be possible.

He disclosed that he had to argue with God over the direction in life as running for president didn’t seem natural to Him and was a struggle.

He explained further that he had to talk to God a lot, read the scriptures until God spoke to his heart on a particular day.

“God was not saying I’m pulling you out of ministry, God was saying I am extending your ministry so that you are able to pastor a whole nation,” he said.

He said God was choosing him for a purpose, whilst saying that God also chose Israel to be a nation that would be an example of a relationship with God and his people.

“God was saying, I want you to get in and get involved,” he said.

He then emphasized that he only got to this position as a result of God’s grace and that he would never have become the president if God hasn’t chosen him.

“It has been another point of grace in my life because I never dreamt for a day that I would be running for public office after I’ve been in ministry all my life.

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