Do you know Obaseki was Oshiomole's best man when he married Lara

I want all politicians to become more matured in their dealings, that you are a politician does not mean you are a licensed liar.

If Atiku and Obasanjo fight never taught party supporters anything, I wonder if they will ever learn.

Never kill yourself over same people plundering your common health.

But on a more serious note, I watched video of where Oshiomole criticized Ize Iyamu and am like do we even have people with any iota of integrity in this country?

This type of thing can only happen in a country like Nigeria. Just imagine an Obama telling Americans that a particular candidate is a cultist, a killer, a looter and then turning around to campaign for the same candidate.

What gives him the courage? Is it that he has apologized and sworn an affidavit that he was lieing? What exactly? I may not also like Obaseki as I am yet to be convinced on his works in Edo but to see Oshiomole campaign for same candidate he once called all sorts of names is a big slap on the face of the common man.

What I will advise Edo indigenes is for them to know that it is not only Obaseki vs Ize Iyamu. Look for another credible candidate and vote.

But should I have no other options, if I am to vote, I will vote Obaseki. This nonsense of politicians taking everyone for a fool must stop.

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