Ekiti State Govt approves reopening of schools, religious centers

Ekiti State Government has approved the  reopening of schools and religious centers.

Following the agreement reached by the Ekiti state  religious leaders and state government, it has being directed that the state worship centres could be reopen with effect from Friday july 17.

The announcement was made on Tuesday June 30, by the state Governor, Kayode Fayede in a statewide broadcast.

Adding that Worshippers and religious leaders are to ensure "full compliance with the regulations regarding worship centres, which includes social distancing of 6-feet between worshippers, hand washing and face masks."

Aside reopening of religious centers the governor is making plans of reopening schools in the state from July 20.

He said the resumption of schools would be in phases, and will start with pupils in graduating classes who are preparing for their examinations (primary 6, JSS3 and SS3).

However, other classes will be gradually absorbed as schools meet all requirements to accommodate them safely and responsibly.

School reopening will under go a "certificate of Readiness" showing that a school has adhered to all the conditions required for school reopening.

It was also ensure that,  basic facilities such as water, sanitiser, soap and other facilities to aid hygienic practices are in place before schools are made to open.

Governor kayode further announced that markets in Ado Ekiti which include Oja Oba and Bisi Market, will be open to lock-up shops only.

Affirming that their is a ban to street trading, kiosks and open display of wares in the markets. Lock-up shops that is being approved by the government are subject to compliance with protocols.

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