How a traveller survived Book Haram Abduction

An attack occurred on Monday in Auno village where vehicles conveying passengers were hijacked and driven off by the suspected armed men in military camouflage.

Not less than 15 passenger vehicles including Women, Children, families were hijacked by the terrorists.

Travelers along the Maiduguri-Damaturu expressway were ambushed at around noon by unknown men.

A survivor of a suspected Boko Haram abduction has described how he fought to regain his freedom.

The survivor, who preferred to remain anonymous said he is a graduate and was on his way to Yobe State Capital, Damaturu, to submit his application for the recently advertised DSS recruitment when they were abducted.

His words:
“On our way, I engaged in  one of the armed terrorists in a physical combat and pushed him down from the moving vehicle, we fell off together.

“As an Ex-Jam, immediately we fell from the moving vehicle, I wrestled the gun from the terrorist who was badly hurt from the fall.

“The other terrorist who was driving the bus was also attacked by some young men in the bus, which made the moving vehicle hit a tree and stopped.

“That was how we and some few others were able to escape the kidnap. We eventually found our way and headed to Jakana! This was around 1pm.

According to the traveller, the reason why they  escaped from the others is "the terrorist who drove their vehicle took a different route from the convoy of the other kidnapped vehicles and were left far behind.”

Following the incident, where the travelers were reportedly abducted, the Nigeria Police Command at Borno State said it has recovered a cache of arms at the crime scene.

The Commissioner of Police Mohammed Ndatsu, in a news conference on Tuesday in Maiduguri, displayed the recovered arms Weapons recovered which include; eight AK47, AA 2, one MG, two magazines with 51 rounds, 270 rounds of ammunition of MG, and 4 spare barrel before journalists.

“Our men at Auno discovered that there was cut off in the movement of vehicles from Damaturu to Maiduguri,” the Commissioner said. “That gave them the feeling that maybe something is happening.

They went on the road and got a hint that there was an attack, but according to what we heard, they said the military was moving and they were ambushed."

“They moved for assistance and rescue but on the way, they saw a vehicle on fire and another camo hilly upside down and that attracted their attention and they went towards it.

Away from it, there were some arms and ammunition which were recovered and there was a corpse. That corpse we wouldn’t know if it was as a result of the exchange of fire because he wasn’t dressed in any uniform.”

According to the police, it is not clear if the arms belong to any of the security agencies or the Boko Haram insurgents.

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