Hushpuppi is a Baby Fraudster - Sowore

Publisher of SaharaReporter, an online news website, Mr. Omoyele Sowore has reacted to the arrest of Raymond Igboladey Abbas aka Hushpuppi in a most amazing way.

 Recall that Hushpuppi was arrested by the Dubai Police some days ago.

Mr. Sowore said Hushpuppi is a “baby fraudster.”

Sowore pointed out that the real fraudsters are the Nigerian Presidents, Governors, Senators, ministers and most political office holders.

Sowore made this known during an interactive session with Johny, a TV host on Instagram live.

"The daddies of fraud are the governors of states, Presidents, members of the national assembly, ministers and permanent secretaries in the ministries."

Hushpuppi and 11 others were apprehended at their various Dubai residences simultaneously.

The reason for their arrest is they were found to have allegedly scammed over 1.9 million victims across the nations of the world.

The Dubai Police authorities reportedly seized more than 150 million dirham (£30 million) cash when they raided the 38-year-old's home as he was sleeping.

You will remember that Hushpuppi is a well known face on Instagram for his lavish spending, expensive lifestyle and his undying love for designer wears.

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